The year 2020 gave birth to a ton of creativity to combat our lockdown and quarantine boredom. For most of the world, gyms closed or at least reduced capacity or operating hours. The people got creative and with the New Year, they got serious about their fitness journeys. Let’s breakdown 3 unique exercise trends that are blowing up on the socials in 2021.

exercise trends

Youtube Videos

At-home workout video views have been skyrocketing since the start of the pandemic. This first trend is an oldy but a goody, and let me tell you why. First, Youtube is free. It’s home to the world’s knowledge, literally. You can learn about pretty much anything with this magical site, your body and nutrition included. Second, people are constantly showcasing new exercise trends and practices. Use Youtube, Learn from Youtube, Love Youtube. Here are my favorite channels:

Chloe Ting

Everyone bow to the Queen of Home Workouts. Chloe Ting knows how to kick your ass and in such an aesthetically pleasing way. She’s mastered the formula and she mixes it up well. If you want to see a change with minimal equipment/nutrition, she’s your gal. Some of her highest viewed videos are actually her “results” compilations. I love Chloe because the videos just don’t lie The results people get are wild and they show you that it’s far from easy, but so worth it.

chloe ting exercise trends

Makeup by Shayla

She doesn’t post fitness/nutrition often. She is more makeup driven, however, I really love her fitness/nutrition content when she does give it to the people. It’s very thorough and edited so well. If you’ve followed her journey, you know she started with Keto. From there, she transitioned into weights, protein, and slowly intaking more carbs. It’s been inspiring watching her transformation and you should definitely keep an eye out for those drops.

My Fitness and Nutrition Update: The results are finally showing! | Shayla  - YouTube exercise trends
Youtube Video: Fitness & Nutrition Update

Pole Dancing

Many people helped to make this a trend because of the pandemic and it makes perfect sense. It was time for a lot of us to find a new hobby and it’s just sexy. I am one of those people and let me tell you…pole dancing is not easy or for the faint of heart.

I don’t care if you frequent the gym multiple times a week…nothing trains undiscovered muscles like this.

This trend comes with a bit more of an investment. A professional pole could be up to $400, however, an amazon pole will run you around $150. And, if you want to take it serious, invest in a course and learn from a professional. If you’re down, I suggest this program through the Fit 2 Flaunt app. She’s a black female poler and she’s a beast. There’s tons of black pole communities on both Facebook and Instagram.

By the way, did ya’ll see SZA in the Good Days video? I’ve been following her pole instructor for awhile. Check her out @Camiarboles on IG!

SZA pole dancing Good Dayz music video
I mean seriously, SZA…just perfection. Pole dancing in a library!? You can ole dance AND you support fine literature.

Black Celebrity Workouts On The Socials

I’m all the way here for celebrities and influencers showcasing their fitness and nutrition journeys, especially our black Queens. (And especially when they have natural bodies). No shade, but we live in a world full of surgeries, so it’s nice to see real women grinding it out to build those curves naturally. Here are my favorites:

LaLa Milan

What people don't realize is when we can all come together as a collective,  you automatically have magic.” – Lala Milan – Her Network

Lala is out here representing for the chocolate brownies. I especially love her journey because she’s putting on for the skinny ladies too; those who want to gain and keep extra weight on to build muscle. She shares it all….her diet plan, her daily calorie intake (3000+), I’m like SIS WHERE!?!?! She just started her own Instagram dedicated to her progress called @FitGirlBod.

Hottie Boot Camp – Megan THEE Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion Body Ody

Megan is the queen of BAWDY. She started a series called “Hottie Bootcamp” on her IGTV and I love it. She’s trying to get right for our upcoming hot girl summer and it documents her and her personal trainer getting it in. She shows when she’s struggling, but shows her pushing through it too. And her doggies make the cutest cameos. Everyone loves her personality and you can see why.

B. Simone

B Simone (Singer) Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Family,  Career, Net Worth, Facts - Starsgab

The latest influencer to document her journey is B. Simone. Famous for her comedy skits, B. Simone has recently created her own fitness focused IG as well. @BSimone.Fit. I like B. Simone, because she admits that she’s the girl who who wants to tone up and knows what to do, but still loves her body enough even when she’s a little fluffy. She’s comfortable, which causes the yo-yo effect. I think a lot of people can relate to that.

Trendy Accessories

(BFR) Blood Flow Restriction bands

I discovered these following a few of my favorite IG fitness peeps. The name speaks for itself, but it’s about placement. To use them for glutes, they go around your upper hamstrings, right under your cakes. For biceps, they go above your bicep, mid upper arm. They are designed to restrict blood to those areas, so that after your pump and you release the bands, it plumps the muscle with increased blood flow and oxygen…which, most importantly, also aides in muscle recovery, Snag em here on Amazon for the low low.

blood flow restriction bands BFR

Fabric Resistance Bands

These have been around for ages, but here they come with an update. Say goodbye to the old-school latex resistance bands; known for sliding around and rolling up. These fabric resistance bands are so much more comfortable and effective. They stay in place and provide amazing resistance to take your workouts to the next level. Easy to throw in a bag for both at-home and in-gym use. The trendy printed ones are a vibe too. : Tilami Fabric Booty Band Set for Home Workout, Hip Bands Set  for Women, Leg and Butt, Resistance Bands for Home Exercise, Booty Bands  with Patterns, Set of 2 : Sports

Which unique exercise trends have you discovered recently? Anything new and innovative? Comment down below and lets chat!